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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review of 2009

I think this is going to be a long post...2009 has come to an end, I really hope to have a blast on this coming New Year Eve.. I had been sitting at home and doing nothing since the Nov... Imagine, how dull my life is at my hometown... But, luckily there are still few friends for me to find them...So, its still ok for me.. But seriously, I need a PARTY badly!!!!I WANT PARTY!!! This has remind me of last year's New Year Eve. Although it wasn't the best one, but at least I have that kind of feeling.. I have not been stepping into clubs since May.. haha, I am a good girl... 2009 is a quite busy year for me especially during my 2nd and 3rd semester... Lotsa activities such as Relay for life, mock exam, Teluk Batik camping, English Language camp, Uniform camping and bla bla bla...But, I have fun!!!! It's hard to describe it with words, I guess pictures would tell everything...

Party time

Relay For Life + Traditional Games exhibition

Language Camp + Teluk Batik Camping

Unifrom Camping + Blind Walk organized by St. Nicholas Home..

Tesl Raya Feast + my very first trip to Sarawak + Tesl Night..

p/s: the pictures do not arrange according to the date..

some random pics with my friends...

I think I have had an awesome 2009. Hopefully my coming 2010 is more colorful than 2009.. :)


  1. hope so too!

    2009 was great..

    gonna miss being 19..

  2. haha....19 is still young, i am turning to 21 soon..haiz