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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Lunch...

Merry Christmas... Every year's Christmas is always a Ladies Night/ Day for me...Why?? This is because my dad will attend his company's Annual Dinner.. Sometimes left me and my mum at home unless my bro comes back from Penang and accompany us.. Last year was an awesome ladies night outing for me, mum and my eldest sis-in-law.. We went to Auto city and had out Christmas dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. What an awesome "girls" outing... My sis-in-law treated us the dinner. This is everyone is not here, only me and my mum are here. My eldest bro and his wife flew to China few days ago, my younger bro and his wife flew to KL to meet my sis.. Even my dad went to Kl to attend the Annual Dinner too...Left me and my mum at home.. Actually last night I wanted to treat her a Christmas Dinner but my mum didn't want to go coz her legs are painful... Don't know why recently her legs has caused her soooooo many problems. So, we had a simple meal only. So just now, I suggested my mum that we go out for lunch. At first, my mum kinda wanted to reject me. But after that, I told her that I wanted to treat her. So, she said ok. At first, I wanted to go Pizza Hut coz I've been craving for the Diplicious like 58719018762445 weeks ago.. After that, my mum said she wants to eat other food.I think my mum doesn't really like foods like Pizzas or Western Food. We ended up had our so called "post christmas lunch" at Rasa Mas... But, luckily my mum liked it..phewww

p/s: I am just a poor student, can't afford expensive delicious meal yet...

Mum's choice.. Pepper prime roast rice set

p/s: I think mum was hungry, she ate sooo fast..

I distracted her when she was eating...

My choice... Percik roast rice set

After the meal, we went in Tesco and bought some groceries then come back to sweet home... A simple yet sweet "post christmas lunch" with my mum... Besides the service there was very nice...The workers kept asking me whether I want to add something.


  1. delicious meals don't have to be expensive..
    treasures can be found in the most unsuspected places, u just have to look for them..


    hi sabrina!

  2. haha..ya, but still I hope that I could treat my mum better food..just like what my siblings did..