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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Men that I Like....

Shit, I am too bored.. I watch the drama ( Queen of No Marriage) that I've been watching AGAIN!!!!Imagine how dull my holidays are... But, the purpose that I watched this drama again is caused of 2 reasons... Firstly, the story is not bad...I seldom watch Taiwanese drama because I feel that it is draggy and sometimes I feel that it is stupid...Why I say so?? This is because I feel that the love story is sooo "not reality"...Don't you feel that?? I wish you have the same thought with me,hehe... If I am to choose, I would choose Hong Kong drama rather than Taiwan drama... Ok..I am going too far,back to the point... The main reason that I watch this drama is because of

him>>> Ethan

I like him very much,I don't know why..I couldn't find the reason, just simply like him...Maybe because my boyfriend's face is lil bit same like his...

Does he look like him???

Hmm, don't know why..I am just sooooo in love with both of them..Aww, especially when I saw this
Dont be yellow minded!!!! I like this photo not because he only wears underwear...

Ok, my boyfriend has one also..

Hahahaha...must make it full set... Ethan wears under then my BF wear bra la, right??hahaha...

p/s: I forced him to take this photo since he likes to play with my bikini...

*When I am typing this post, my hubby wasn't in good mood...*
K, gonna play my role as a good girlfriend later..*wink*


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