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Sunday, August 19, 2012

I am back :)

Hello there, I am back to this blog after so long.. I am not sure whether my friends are still following my blog since I went missing from the blog for so long! I realized that I haven't blogged for sooooo longgggg!!!! I almost forgotten about the existence of this blog after I came to Sydney.. Well, I guess I need to blog more often coz person who are forever alone like me have no listener at the land of the kangaroo and only this blog will keeps my secret all the time.. so yea, I guess I am kinda back in action again.. hehe, hopefully I still have some readers here :) First thing that I wanna share with u all is that I lost 10 kilos in 5 months time! kinda a victory for myself, so happy with the results.. ok, that's all for today..see u all, till then

XOXO <3 nbsp="nbsp">
                                                   Latest Miss Sabrina says Hi to everyone :)

See u on next post, about my 23rd birthday celebration :)))

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dear Diary..

I almost forgotten about the existence of this blog that I've been abandoned it for so long... Feeling so guilty to her that I will only look for her whenever I have no listeners...How pathetic!! Well, life at the land of Kangaroo is all good that I've been spending most of my time playing and partying that I don't even have time to update the blog. However, I've been reflecting myself alot lately. I found that I have never be the same since I come to Australia. I am not sure whether it is good or it is bad. However, I am pretty sure that things happened for the reasons behind it. Just hope that I would grow to be more mature and be good! Well, that's all for today..feeling so much better after typing what I am thinking..see ya, till then..xoxo <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bits of everything that I haven't told u..

Holla, I am back again..It's been quite a long time since I last blogging, so sorry for missing from here for quite a long time. I just don't have mood to blog since I came to Australia and I don't know why. However, the mojo is back now..lol..Well, I will just touch and go for the things that I have been through in these few months..* it's impossible to write it in details else it's going to be a long winded essay, lol..* ok, there are just few things I would like to share with you all in this entry..

1. my one night stand with Mr. Hard Rock
Had a one night stay at Hard Rock hotel, Penang with Eugene before my year end holidays started and that was my last day in Penang as well.. was feeling sad and happy at that time..I was feeling sad that I just realized that it was so hard to say good bye with some of the friends in IPG but I am feeling happy that finally I can have a 3 months holidays.. However, I was enjoying my moments in Hard Rock and I really had a great time with Eugene..

2. Welcoming my niece, Annabelle..
I believe if you are my friend in Facebook, you would know about it earlier.. I can still remember that how excited when I saw the first born Annabelle in the ward and how impatient my mother and I when we were waiting outside the maternity ward..She is the first baby in our family and everyone loves her.. well, she is just so adorable that you can't resist!! You just feel like you want to hug her and spend the whole day with her!! Even I am at Australia now, but I constantly whatsapp my brother asking about her and even skype with her! I miss her so much!!!
when she was less than one month

with 2 months old Annabelle during Chinese New Year :)

the latest photo of her, 7 months old Annabelle!!

3. Singapore Trip with loves
went for a short trip at Singapore with the sister, her brother and Eugene. When you are travelling with the right people, then you would always feel that the trip is awesome!! yes, I was travelling with the right people and we all had lotsa fun!!! and big thanks to Mr Yap for organizing everything, you made everything runs smoothly throughout the whole trip!!! The best part for this trip was shopping at Bugis with the sister!! heaps of cheap stuffs can be found in Bugis...and not to forget, Universal Studio!! (however, it is very small)
had the most not-worth-for-money and yucky meal at Clarke Quay

on the way to Marina Bay, the weather was so hot..

at the marina bay skypark..

with woody pecker at universal studio

I guess everyone takes photo with this whenever we go to Universal studio..

I won the best girlfriend award,lol..
Well, there are so many photos..so, I only share few here..I am lazy to post more..lolol..

4. Celebrating New Year with 2 crazy bitches
An unplanned New Year eve countdown turned out to be a good night for us!! Everyone ditched us at the last minute and there were just few of us heading to the club during the new year eve. However, unexpected that it turned out to be so good!! well, it's all about partying with the right people!!
alcohol always make me feel so good!!lol..
with my crazy bitches in Mois..yes...we are going to be teachers!! lolol...
my beautiful friend who attracted a tomboy on that night..
second round at E&O hotel with Eugene and his colleagues
by looking at my facial expression, you would know how gross is this capalang alcohol!!
it was new year eve and I was wearing St patrick's hat!! tell me about it, hahahaha...

p/s: I only realized that how much I miss my friends back at Penang when I reviewed the new year eve photos!!! arghhh, I wanna go back to Penang and have fun with you all :(

5. Coming to Sydney
taken at KLIA during the send off..

the very first visit to the city...

I know it's kinda late to talk about this...I've been here for one semester and now only I want to talk about Australia..well, better late than never right!! so yea, I continue my year 2 of uni at Macquarie University, Sydney... the study environment is quite different and what I like the most is they have i lectures!! which gives excuses to skip the lectures!!lolol..and not to forget about the accommodation...instead of girl hostel, I am staying in a five room apartment.. I have my own room and own BATHROOM which is awesome!!

Hmm, that's all for this entry..see u again on next entry, I promise I'll blog more often :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eat, Play, Love (Pt.2)

Hello everyone, I am back in action again.. Firstly, I would like to say sorry to friends who keep asking me to update my blog. Well, I was too enjoying my 4 months holidays.. I went for vacation with the boyfie and sister and I was busying preparing for stuffs coming to Australia, working part time and most importantly, I am LAZY to update! Lol, I am honest enough to confess..Well, I am now at Australia already. Reached here in one piece and starting the new chapter of my life now. Besides, I would like to thank friends and relatives who attended my farewell party and those who wished me! You guys are so sweet, I appreciate it alot! Ok, back to my topic..continue with my post-exam trip with Miss Zaza. After the Malacca trip, we went to KL.. Well, it has become a "must-go-place" for us at the end of one semester!Nothing much to talk about this trip because it was kinda rushing. We didn't even have time to do the shopping. I still think that the first time we went to KL together was still the best trip!cam whoring everywhere..It was a great memory! Ok, picture time...lolol

It was Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFW) that time..We had the chance to watch the live fashion show. After experienced it myself, I finally understand why the celebrities and the rich women like to watch live fashion show! because it is FUN..It is not only fun, it is kinda difficult to express the feeling..you have experience it yourselves then you will know!

Erra Fazira was there for the fashion show too!

This is the first time I watch a live fashion show and it was seriously fun! Why am I so lucky, seriously went to Kl at the right time :)

We were rushing for our late night movie, so we watched like only half an hour then we off for the dinner...

Tony Roma again! *darn Penang for not having one!!!*

Onomnomnomnomnom....Must eat this if you go to Tony Roma!

Miss Zaza's chicken Tuscany pasta..delicious!

My shrimp pasta..I know that I am lame for always eating pasta whenever I go to Tony Roma..
I love pasta and I am craving for pasta like always!

Miss zaza: " call me glutton!"
Lol, she is going to kill me if she sees this...

nyum nyum...

heart this!!

saw the model of the fashion show after the dinner..she looks just like a doll..and she is so tall that I only reach her BOOBS!! and why is her boobs so big????i want boobs like her can??lolol...

feel like we are on the red carpet and the paparazzi are all focusing on us..lolol, too much of dreaming..hahaha

It's time to walk around and cam whore...

It was Uniqlo's grand opening too..but too much of people, with long queue so we didn't go!
Well, compared with Muji, I think Muji's clothes is nicer...too bad, Muji is not available in Malaysia yet.. :(

lol..promoting MIFW

had a drink at Dome with some girlish talk (gossiping) while waiting for our midnight show!

It's time and we went for the movie...

it was kinda fun and dangerous as well coz both of us walked around in the city and went back to the hotel at like 3 a.m.... It was totally crazy but we always go crazy like this...It was fun thou, I am looking forward for another trip like this!!!!

The End, thanks for reading...
next entry > one night stay at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang!
see u guys..
xoxo <3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am still alive!!!

Hello friends, sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time..upon your request, I'll update it as soon as possible as I promised u..*you know who you are* currently very busy with some of the works..I'll see u all again at the next entry..


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Bunnie Year...

Hello everybody, I am back again..this is just a quick update and I am here to apologize for not updating my blog for sooo long!I was quite busy for the past month and yet I have so many things that I wanna update! However I'll update once I've settled down myself..so I am here to wish all my friends, followers, readers, enemies or whoever Happy Chinese New Year..May you all have a great year ahead. Enjoy yourselves and may God bless you all..
2011 is bunny year, so can I dress up like this everyday??lol..

see you all again till I blog again soon...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Empty promises..

I am seriously sick of the empty promises that I got from the people around me..I wish I could go get a life at somewhere that no one knows me!!!I wish I could drive as fast as I can at the highway,put the highest volume and shout like a crazy bitch in the car!!!! My life has been so pathetic lately.. I am fucked up!!Oh God, what I have done to get such shitty things around me lately? I just wonder what are those people's feeling when they are giving people empty promises??Don't they know that they are "killing" people with the false hopes? whatever it is!!!I have had it enough..Lies make me decide not to believe in what you say anymore. I choose to let you go now and I won't bother what you wanna do, what you wanna say anymore. It's your right and it's up to you!none of my business anymore..I am done with it :) so yea, thanks for telling me so many lies that you think I don't know.. I don't want to be a stupid who pretend that I believe in what you say anymore. I am done with it, so Goodbye :) Last but not least, just to remind u..building a relationship, is not about telling lie to cover up what you did in order to please the person. It's all about sincerity and honesty. With that, you'll win a real relationship.

p/s: Only I,myself know that who is the person here..so, don't come and chase me around asking whether I am talking about you in the blog!! If you still thinking that I am talking about you,then go and reflect yourselves..I have no comment

p/p/s: the relationship here doesn't mean the relationship my boyfriend and I ok? I have no problem with him...