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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Night Out...

For me, year end holidays is equal to ENDLESS GATHERINGS!!!! Of course Christmas is included... This is because lotsa of friends come back to hometown during year end holidays.. Friends from local uni, friends from private college, friends who are working, friends who study abroad, friends who work at overseas etc etc etc... So, as usual.. Christmas is just another gathering.. What a dull life in SP.... Gathering, gathering, gathering and gathering.. Sometimes I am getting bored with those gatherings... But this gathering was actually my boyfriend's class gathering.. I was just being a kepo throughout the whole gathering.. Coz I am quite close with his ex classmates and my besties(A, Angeline and Shawn)were there and of course BF will accompany me... So, i won't feel bored... I think i talked alot.. As I had mentioned at my previous post, once girls gather together..they will talk non stop and maybe turn a peaceful cafe into a night market...haha, ok..I used to do it... Coz when I get high, my voice would getting louder and louder and people might thought that I am screaming or yelling at someone... I think I am bullshitting alot... Ok, straight to the point...As a conclusion, I had a Christmas night out with friends...WTF, I am crapping..
Picture time, (specially thanks to A for taking the photo with her baby again...and sent it to me via mail)

The deco of the cafe, is just so so only.. Not very nice decoration though
p/s: food and drinks are not nice and the price is quite expensive..not much choices of food too. As a conclusion, I don't like everything in SEVENTEEN..:(
Remember, if you are having gathering,date or whatever events...Seventeen is not a good/smarter choice for you..Ignore it :)

Wei Hin, my ex neighbour and the sweet couple (Vernon+ Angeline)

Shawn..The rude guy with this FREAKING pose to the camera..
Ah Hau a.k.a Ah Lap (sausage)
Obviously, his trademark is his Angelina Jolie-ish lips...What a sexy lips,haha..

Lee Mui..The national Badminton player, if I am not mistaken...

BF and the "Ice cream supplier"...

the ladies + me n A

Me.. beh paisehly insisted myself for being the model again..haha In

I've forgotten the lesson that my bitchy Ridz taught me>>>always be prepared for the camera thingy... I looked fugly in these two candid photos again...

Thats all for my Christmas..Nothing special though, yet I can still crap alot in this post.. I think I must less bullshitting.. BF is waiting for my goodnight call and he is getting mad..I understand it, the agony of waiting,haha...Good night world :)


  1. Girl...a nice blog u hv...
    hope we also can enjoy our new year eve same as our christmas...hehe...^^

  2. haha,thanks for the compliment..Ya, hopefully..but, maybe next time at the other place...SP is too boring

  3. merry belated christmas to you too...and early happy new year, wish you all the best when you are going to Aussie..