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Friday, December 18, 2009

♥ my very first post....♥

Good day everyone,this is my very first post...After reading few blogs of my friends and some famous bloggers, I have decided to own a blog...Basically,this blog is for me to express my feelings and to share my happiness of me with my bitches and babes... This is why i name it as Sabrina's Space... I decided to blog because of few reasons>>>1. influence by friends (after i have read theirs, i feel like want to have one for myself too) 2. To kill time as I am very bored in this holidays 3. to share my joys between me and my babes and bitches with everyone..


  1. Black, Simple design & cool colour. Keep it up~

  2. coz i like black ma..okok..thanks alot...must give me honest comment and suggestion ya.. i want to improve and make my blog more interesting and attractive like you all,hehe...I am still in the process of learning

  3. but yours looks more attractive than mine ma...i like yours and chris also.. I have one friend her blog's layout also not bad...i like it