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Friday, December 25, 2009

The result of gossiping...

One fine day, I went for breakfast with my friends at my hometown. Actually it was no longer breakfast, it supposed to be "brunch" (breakfast + lunch). After the breakfast, one of my friends suggested us to go to Village Mall to see the so called "porn star"..You know, girls are always kepo right.. Unfortunately, we couldn't find them.So, we went to Starbucks and had some drink at there.. You know girls' attitude..Once the girls gather together, they will start gossip gossip and gossip... Obviously, I am one of them, hehe.. After I get myself a cup of hot chocolate, I sat down and started to gossip with my girl friends... And, my boyfriend started to take our photos as he likes to take photos..So, let him be the camera man..

Before we went to Starbucks, take picture with the Christmas tree first.

p/s: I know I take picture with the Christmas tree for twice.. Bo pian, SP is just a small town...Unlike the big cities, lotsa places to go... and there is only ONE Starbucks in Sp. We can only come to this mall, if we wan to go Starbucks..

OMG, look at my face... looks like "tua pau" a.k.a big bun!!!

When we were gossiping at Starbucks...

snapped my drink first...
My hot chocolate wasn't nice, too sweet..Although I like sweet drinks, but this is really too sweet.. Besides, the coffee at SP Starbucks are not NICE!!!!

After that, the girls' photos come one by one..
Kathryn Khoo.... I guess she was sms-ing with her BF at that time

Catherine Mayanglangkah... A future teacher like me :)

p/s: I think she will be a very "chio" English teacher in next 10 years..with her tatoo and piercings..

And, my turn............
See.... I look fugly!!!!! I know it was a candid photo, but at least choose a beautiful angle of me right??? This is a reminder for me, next time when I am gossiping with friends.. I must be aware of my surroundings,haha.. Just like my girl guide slogan>> Be Prepared. Just like what my bitch ( Ridz) says, always be prepared for the camera..who knows maybe I have secret admire who likes to stalk me..hahahahaha

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