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Friday, December 25, 2009


Chinese believe that Christmas eve (平安夜) is the night that you loss your virginity (失身夜).. * I am not sure whether only chinese believe this, but I did hear this kind of believe*.. For me, Christmas Eve is more suitable to be the night that you loss your voice (失声夜).. Why do say so? This is because:

1.) Most of the people like to go countdown or clubbing during this special night. For sure, they would scream like hell right?? Therefore, the next day they will loss their voice..

2.) Ok, let say Christmas Eve is really the night that you loss your virginity (失身夜)...For sure when you are fucking, you would kinda scream when you are high right?? As a result, you loss your voice... This is even worst, loss virginity and voice together..haha

3.) This is an isolated case, some couples might quarrel with each other during Christmas Eve or even before Christmas Eve because they have different opinion in choosing place to celebrate Christmas... They might scream at each other and then they loss their voice again...

These are some examples that I think Christmas Eve is supposed to be 失声夜rather than失身夜..Don't you agree with me??

Anyway, Merry CHristmas to everyone... :)