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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

High Tea At E&O Hotel

I know it is kinda late to blog about this, but better late than never right? Miss Zaza's birthday dropped on our Raya holidays, so we can't celebrate with her as everyone has gone back to the hoemtown. Before her birthday, I promised her that I am going to bring her to high tea as her birthday treat because she is a dessert lover. She loves cakes and pastry so high tea suits her the most. 1885 at E&O Hotel was chosen and we went there after the Raya holidays. Supposedly, I was the one who paid the bill but I was not the one who paid the bill *thanks anonymous*

sexy back...lol

waiting for them to open the door :)

get a strategic place and waiting to nom nom...

chicken pie..


scones and sandwiches..
the scone is very delicious!!! yumm to the max :)

the cakes.. *salivates*

I love sweet berries tea :)

4 of us.. you can see that the tray and the plates are all clean because it is delicious!!!

a picture of us, before we left the hotel..

After that, Neynie suggested to go for a walk around the hotel because it was the first time she went to E&O. So, we walked around near to the pool side.

toilet is always the best place to camwhore because of its perfect lighting :)

4 of us...

In the end, a simple walk turned out to be our photo shooting session

I like this the most :)

when we gone crazy...

After so many tries, this is the only one that 3 of us looked perfect!!Zaza, brush up your photography skill and don't make us jump like perempuan gila anymore..lolol

like this the most, big thanks to the photographer :)

like what Neynie wrote in her entry about this, "great friends make up my day" . I enjoyed the date with them and had a blast as well. Thanks for coming out together and made up an awesome date :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

a treatment or a tribute to stomach??

When I was back to the campus after the Hari Raya break, I was not feeling well. Miss zaza asked me out for dinner. Miss Zaza suggested that we went to clinic cafe at Gurney Plaza for our dinner because she has never been there and she wanted to try it. This theme restaurant really suits my condition huh...lol.Remember my entry about the treatment for my stomach?? That was their first branch near to Sunway Carnival, this is the second on at Gurney Plaza. It is much bigger than the one at Sunway Carnival and they have changed their menu to more choices now. Not much to talk about it anymore as I had already talked about it last time.

the entrance, very easy to recognize it :)

surgery room, new place to cook your food!!! lol..

cam whore while waiting for the food...

the doctor and the nurse a.k.a toast bread with butter and kaya..

the mushroom soup..

Miss Zaza's Gordon Blue, she said it tastes not bad..

My chicken salad..

me..with sick+grumpy face!!!
I can only eat salad because I had sore throat :(

and she can enjoy her food so happily and made me envy her at the same time!!
haiz..why is it so unfair :'(

So you know where to go for your lunch/high-tea/dinner when you are sick?? lol...
that's all for today, more food for the next entry :)
bye, see you at the next entry...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dign Dong :)

After all, I am back to The Ugly Truth again... I have so many things to catch up and share with you all!!! My life is hectic recently, but I am doing well and I am happy..see you all at the next entry, do visit my blog whenever you are free because I am going to blog very often after this..bye, have a nice day everyone :)