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Monday, March 1, 2010

One of the ways to increase your sales!!!

One fine day on last week, I was bored of doing the assignmnets.. Then, I signed in my MSN to chat with my friends... *rest in the middle of work* lolol.. Suddenly, a stranger nudged me...and she was talking alot... At first, she asked my whether I wanted to see her on cam... I thought she was my friend, so I kept asking her who is she.. She didn't answer my question but keep asking me whether I wanted to see her anot.. She even give me her personal website, saying the she had been recorded by someone.*personal website??? U thought u r super star meh???* In order to see her in cam, I have to sign up don;t know what shit, then only I can see her.. The worst thing was, she asked me to fill in the info.. * she is totally siao one lo*

she kept asking me to see her panty's colour...

*hello, I am a female as well.. do you think I will interested with your panty??? I never wear panty ar?? I don't know what panty looks like ar???*

Still don't want to give up, kept asking me to sign up her "fans club".... sweat!!!!!

I was mad, coz she ketp disturbing me, I got mad and scolded her Fuck Off!!!!

After scolded that fucking bitch, straight block her and deleted her from my friend list!!! she is soooooo disgusting..

I think there is something wrong with this person... I guess she is an online hooker, it must be sales decreasing... So, she beh paiseh-ly (thick skin) asking for customer via Internet!!! Even female also want!!! Well, if you are an online hooker and you accidentally come across my blog one day... Ypu can consider this method to increase your sales!!!!!

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