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Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm home...

Hola, I am back..I am sorry for abodoned my blog for the whole week..
I am back at Sp now..

Yuhoo..say good bye to the lousy hostel, say hi to my sweet home..

say good bye to the HOT weather and say hi to air cond at my home!!!

I can enjoy the full blast of air cond at my sweet home everyday...

what a blissful life!!!

Actually I wanted to blog on last weekend but I was too busy..and I had no time to blog, enjoyed movie marathon with my family members..So, I forgot about blogging...

Well, I was quite busy last week..

Sunday: busy reading my Linguistic and doing the exercises like a cow.. *well, I am lazy and I delayed it.. so, I did it last minutes* and this is the result of last minutes work>> I ended up give up in reading and get my exercises done half way... Ya, I am lazy!!!
Learning phonetics is killing me..I don't really understand and it find that it is quite difficult.. I am abit slow in learning new things, I think it takes time for me to digest it..

In the middle of reading... *bored*

feel like stabbing myself when I was reading Linguistic.. *I really hate Linguistic*

Monday : After class, nap for awhile... spending my whole afternoon for Linguistic assignment like AGAIN... haiz...endless assignment!!! hate it so freaking much!!!went to library with miss zaza as both of us are in same group.. Did our assignment in the library.. Only 2 of us in red spot, we can fully utilized the materials in red spot.. Primary year 6 English text book is needed in doing Linguistic assignment... I sent the slides to miss zaza via mail... took a pic of us before leaving the library...

Tuesday: After the class, nap for awhile again..woke up at 5pm, had discussion for HD presentation...did the slide show but it is not completed yet..have to add more information..

Wednesday: Went to Musuem in USM for project based learning.. As I said, Science class is always fun!!! ok,this deserves another post..I have many things to talk about and many photos had taken..What I can say is, I really had a great time at there with my friends..

At night, did my science shoe box kit as we had to hand in by last week...and finally we made it, really thanks to my group mate>> Yuki..she did almost everything.. I felt so guilty..

shoe box transforms into little cute car...

too cute until Didie wants to steal it..Lolol, joke only..

I asked her to be my model..

Thursday: We decided to have a blast..went to watch Alice in the Wonderland..Actually already booked the 3D one, but we were late to collect the tickets..So, only watch the normal one..quite disappointed but its ok.. save money ma,lolol...hehehe Well, this deserves another post as well...

Friday: Finally handed in the shoe box kit.. one more assignment finished!! left 3 more assignments which are Philosophy report, Linguistic part 2 assignment and Human Development presentation.. while waiting for miss Juriah to approve it.. Jujue with our my shoe box..

my group mate>>Yuki..

really thanks alot for everything that she had done..

*have to admit that the older, the wiser..* she managed to do a cute car by using a shoe box..If me, die la..I am not that creative yet...and luckily the lecturer approved it..else, die la...

After the class, packed my things happily and waiting for parents to fetch me home!!! yuhoo..

Well, thats all for this entry..actually I am in the middle of assignment but I am oo bored and I am out of idea to continue it..So, I blog....

tomorrow have to wait up early to fetch my mum go market *I am filial daughter*Lolol..hopefully I could wake up at 7am!!! I had already "aeroplane" my mum for few times until just now I told that I am going with her tomorrow.. The reaction she gave me was :" Huh??you sure you can wake up or not??"

So, Imma off to bed now..


next up>>trip to USM Museum..

see ya..*loves n kisses*


  1. hey gurl...i nvr noe u took my photo! anyway..nice blog u hav..i love it!!! hehe

  2. hehehe...that time you were busying tidy the origami...thanks alot..