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Monday, February 8, 2010


Just now went to Gurney Plaza with Shirley again, it was a sudden plan.. Shirley wanted to buy Valentine's present for her BF.. At first wanted to go Queensbay, then changed to Prangin and we ended up changed to Gurney Plaza.. coz I told Shirley that Topman is doing sales and skinny jeans are so damn fucking cheap... the cheapest can go until RM 59 per pair, very cheap right??? If you are looking one for yourselves, should go and grab one from Topman... and luckily what I recommended was not bad, Shirley bought a pair of skinny jeans for her BF.. *what a loving GF* In order to prevent us spending money again, we decided to go for movie.. coz if I shop again, I would definitely waste money again.. So, we went to watch tiger Wohoo..
I was craving for this movie for quite a long time already, wanted to watch it since it was first launched...But too bad, only Gurney is available.. Until today only I manage to watch it, I know I am a bit late..but better late than never right??? Hmm, the movie was not bad.. I like it and I like the quotation:"只要和心爱的人在一起,天天都是大日子"..quite agree with it..
After the movie, we went to Gurney Drive for our dinner... We made it like FINALLY!!! coz me and Shirley always plan to have our dinner at there at least once but we failed like 3813210312378 times... rainning is the main reason!!!!!*stupid weather*always rain at the wrong time but do not rain at the suitable time!!! I know there is nothing special about Gurney Drive, but Shirley comes from JB.. And, she said she wanted to try the food there..at least when she goes back to JB and people ask her that: " Have you tried the food at Gurney Drive?" she could answer Yes/ No right??? So, today is quite a historical moment for her la..hahahahaha
Hmm... Walk along and search for what to eat...
Hmm..Have some 鱿鱼蕹菜(kankung with cuttlefish)???
or some Pasembur???
p/s: its famous k..see people queue for it..
or some snacks for appetizers???
and FINALLY...
she insisted to try the nutmeg juice.. coz Penang is famous with nutmeg and the main reason:she has never tried it before...Lol...
and also the laksa..it wasn't very delicious, so so only....I think my mum cook one is much better than this...
my pick was duck egg char keow teow.. hmm, not delicious also...

In conclusion, food at Gurney Drive are not delicious.. It is not famous because it is delicious, it is famous because it is expensive!!!! *personal opinion, no offense*
Shirley bought this after the meal...this one delicious and the price is affordable...
After that, we decided to come back to the college...
*pictures credit to Shirley*
taken while waiting for our "limo"...hehe
This post won't be completed without cam whoring photos!!!this is a must in "The Ugly Truth"...
p/s: I just bought a new BB compact from Etude House, and the result is my face is too fair!!! like ghost!!!! and if you look at my face closely, it is very thick!!!
If you are a stranger and you see me, for sure you would say: wa, this girl must be very ugly!!! put on sooo think of foundation!!!"
So, if you are looking for a good compact powder.. don't ever consider Etude House's..not nice.. Stage, Sheseido and body shop's compact powder not bad!!yo would have a flawless face after you apply it!!!!
I guess thats all for today...I know this is another lame post, I blog it just to kill time..
k, off to bed now..bye, nitez
see ya, till I blog again


  1. more about food!!!i miss them so so muchi>_<

  2. Lol...sure,but it needs time la...

  3. waaaaa...
    go out without me mehh~~~

  4. sorry la..coz we want to watch chinese movie, scare you dun wan ma...next time ask you together lo, k???