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Monday, February 8, 2010

Can I???

Carry out few research base assignments lately,quite a packed schedule for me... We are required to interview kids from upper primary in order to analyze their english level.. Have to interview experienced English teachers and write a report regarding based on the national philosophy if education and also the current curriculum which is KBSR...ARGHHHH.. and the most headache>>> Human development critical review.... Just now a lecturer of mine called me and roomate and ask us whether we are interested in writing a journal for next issue's students' journal of our college... Errr..there are pros and cons... first, I can improve my English..but the thing is I have to read lotsa books!!! This is what I hate!!! Aikss...don't know how to reject my lecturer... Hmmm, I am wondering... Am I capable enough to write this kinda research base journal?? I am lazy to read and my english is not very good... this is the main problem of mine!!! But, the good thing is if I accept this request.. I'll gain lotsa experience and this would help me in the future if I want to do research..and both me and roomate's name will appear in the book if we really involve in it..but frankly, I am not very keen with it also la.. just a fame..hmm, anyone tell me whether I should accept this offer or not???? in dilemma...

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