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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010...

Happy new year everyone, today is the first day of year 2010. How's your New Year Eve celebration??? Well, I had a quite nice one.. If I am to compare the new year eve of 2009 and new year eve of 2010, I would prefer the last year one... I think I still prefer the crowded one rather than just find a place and drink,drank, drunk and had a room party in the hotel... Honestly,I think I still prefer to club...I ain't a clubber but I need something like that to get myself high...Ok, back to my purpose for typing this post...

My resolution for 2010:

1.) Of course to lose weight, the prefect weight would be 50kg... Hopefully I can do it..

2.) shop less, save more money... (this is soooo impossible for me man, but still I want to have a try...maybe I can, who knows..)

3.) treat my puppy better (he would be very happy if he sees this)

My wish list for 2010:

1.) I wish to buy a new phone... Hmm, I want Balckberry...who can sponsor me??

2.) of course become more beautiful,hahahahaha...

I've been craving for this like ages ago already, who can buy me one??? *dreaming again...*

4.) of course I want BF to love me even more than last year!!!! DO NOT BULLY ME TOO!!!!!

5.) If I am really going to Australia on 2011, I wish to go for trip with puppy... I want to go Taiwan with you..

Hmm, so far these are the wishes of mine for 2010...

Hopefully some of these could come true... I think the chanel bag and the blackberry is impossible...The rest are still possible.. The next post going to blog about the new year eve's celebration...Weeeee, took lotsa picture and many things to talk about..

p/s: I just came back from Penang, super duper tired... wanna take a nap now..

Ciao, see you on the new year eve's post...


  1. Happy New Year~ Enjoy penang life while u can :) Cheers!

  2. hahaha,Happy New Year to you too... All the best to you when you're going to sdyney ya....