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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to mum and Happy dating for 45 months...

Tik tok tik tok.... Another 30 minutes, when the clock strikes to 12am another new day comes.. 11th January 2010... What is so special about 11th January??? Firstly, I am here to wish my mother Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to you, my beloved mum...*Hugs,kisses,loves* Thanks for giving me everything and sorry for didn't celebrate with you... To me, my mum is a WONDERFUL woman!!! I think I should say Iron Lady... She accompanied my dad gone through the hard times when they were still young, I don't know how hard is that..But, I think it is quite hard.... She will always save the best thing to us... Thats why I love her so much, but I know sometimes I am too harsh to her... But, I really hope that I had already grew up, I am able to settle things on my own..Mum, I don't want you to worry about me...I think my mum deserves something good... Too bad, I am penniless now... Else, I'll buy her a present...
Once again, happy birthday to you mum, I love you....
*my lovely and cute parents*

Another thing here is, I am here to wish BF Happy dating for 45 months... I am happy that you are always the one who stand by my side during my hard time, sad time, happy time etc... I really appreciate it... I know that I am hot tempered and get angry easily just like a small girl... Really thanks for be patient to me in these few years..I really appreciate it and hope that you are my destiny... You used to tell me that you think our relationship is GOD's arrangement... Sometimes I do believe it, cause we broke up for 3 times and being together again.. AND, I love you more "after every break up" * as if we break up so many times*..lol...I know recently we keep argue for the unnecessary stuffs, I am here to apologize to you... But, sometimes what I say is really for your own good.... Anyway, I know you are the one who make the decision..I am just giving you advise la....Hopefully you would be the last one for me..

Happy dating for 45 months... *love you soooo much*
Bitter sweet that we had gone through...
I am happy that I have you as my boyfriend...

p/s: thanks to the guy who didn't confess with me last time, and this has given us a chance to hook up with each other... love you..


  1. you are welcome :P (Im d guy?) haha. Wa I duno this ah ma like small girl hor... got temper 1. I think all girls got temper lo, guys must be more patient.

  2. happy anniversary!!sweet sweet love la.=]

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  4. chris: actually I am very hot tempered and impatient... but I am glad to hear that you tell that guys must be more patient...not every guy would say that..and some only say that, but they do not act like that....

    A:thanks :)