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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tesl Raya Feast

It's super late to blog about Raya but still I want to blog about it :)

Attended the Tesl Family Raya Feast organized by our cohort at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Penang and I was one of the committees.. It was quite fun, took a lot of photos with friends but the buffet is not delicious compared with last year's Raya Feast at Cititel and last semester's Chalkies Annual Dinner at Sunway Hotel.

seafood marinara is the most delicious among all..

the desert!!! not interesting at all..

Food are not delicious, so I spent more time on taking photos with friends..

did henna during the Dedication Day by Tamil Society in the campus..
It costs me only rm2, damn freaking cheap!!!

our cohort's performance.

it's time to cam whore, cam whore and cam whore!!!

like this :)

Jump!! as high as you can :)

we are not drunk..just a bit tipsy, lolol...

like this so much!!

4 of us .. (Neynie looks like mak datin )

The white mahayam gang..lolol

it's time to do my job, counting votes for Mr & Miss Tesl Raya..after so much of cam whoring :)

Mr Raya is from our cohort.

with the nice background..

group photo before we left..

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