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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sire

Finally we made it to The Sire after Neynie recovered. Everyone was very happy but the roomate, Shirley still can't attend because of the micro teaching assignment. The reservation was made at 7pm. We got ourselves prepared and 6.30pm we went to The Sire. We reached there on time. *see, how punctual we are!!! lolol...*

the menu...

hehehe, fully utilize the time while waiting for the waiter to come and take the order :)

FYI, The Sire is a museum restaurant. It was formerly the mansion of the old Chinese tycoon, Yap Chor Ee. After ordering the food. we went to walk around and take photos.
simple yet beautiful..

the Nyonya's window..

I love the ambiance there..

cam whore around..

going up to the level 2, for more information about Baba Nyonya..

the 2 camera freaks..hehe

If I know there's a fish pond, I would have brought some bread..lolol


We then realized that, no camera allowed at certain sections of the museum. It is really very beautiful and it is a waste that we can't take photo! There are a lot of information about Baba Nyonya which is very valuable.. Then the nom nom came, and it's time to nom!!!

Here go the noms...

the complementary basket of garlic bread as starter

Zaza's Mocha..
*it is too beautiful for me to drink it :)*

Miss Zaza's grilled Salmon..

forgot what I've ordered.. it is something like beef soup with some herbs

Neynie's lamb chop. It is the biggest portion among all of our noms and it is very delicious too..
the ones who love lamb should go for a try at The Sire :)

Ein Sharapova's chicken... errr... forgot the name again..
but it is delicious too!!!

a photo of 4 of us before eating :)

We barely talked to each other while we were eating because the food are delicious and everyone was enjoying the food.
only after the dinner, only we start chit-chatting and cam whore around..

The birthday girl :)

Miss Zaza is the super fan of dessert... so it is impossible if there is no dessert for her meal..

and here goes the dessert :)
seriously, I have forgotten the names..sorry for the bad memory!!
it is not so delicious, I still prefer the chocolate volcano from QE II

We wanted to take another photo of 4 of us, so we asked for the waiter's help...but you know, not much people really know how to use DSLR, including myself!! Suddenly, a beautiful woman offered help and she helped us to take these photos.. It was quite beautiful and 4 of us were talking among ourselves about it. That woman then approach us and talked to us and she thought we are tourist!! *do we look like tourist??* After talking to her, we got to know then she is actually the founder of a modelling agency... no wonder she looks so beautiful and quite stylish!!
A photo with them before we leave..
*nice to meet you, Pauline :)*

A great memory before we leave..

I had a great dinner that day.. Great food, great people and a great night!!
Not to forget, a great restaurant too.. The food in The Sire are not bad, the ambiance is good and their service is very good!!! Seriously, their waiters are very polite... If you are looking for an ideal restaurant for your Christmas dinner, I guess you can consider The Sire.. *free promotion, lolol*

That's all for today..


  1. Woot, it's wonderful! The place is awesome,hope to go there too!

  2. jom..let's go together!!hehe..the food are nice, price is reasonable too!!most importantly, I love the environment too, it is awesome!!!totally worth for money :)