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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zaza's Surprise Birthday Celebration

We have a tradition among our friends which is the birthday girl will have to treat the gang during her birthday. Miss Zaza wanted to treat us dinner at semi fine dining restaurant and she asked me to look for a suitable restaurant. After "searching" for few hours in Google, we finally decided that we wanted to go to The Sire for her birthday celebration. Everything was well prepared, I did the reservation and bought the ice cream cake from Baskin Robins. I put it in the restaurant before we went there to surprise her. However, the plan called off at the very last minute because Neynie was sick and it is impossible that we went to celebrate without her. I borrowed car from Miss Zaza and went to take the cake back. Instead of wasting the cake just like that, we decided to give her a surprise birthday celebration. After we have taken the cake, brought along the presents and celebrate with her in her room.

Malaysia edition of Domokun, haha...

Happy Ice Cream Cake to You :)

Miss Zaza wishes that no one can be more "diva" than her..hahaha

we forgot to bring lighter..hahhaah

the birthday girl with the cake..

It is strawberry ice cream cake.. :)

Miss Zaza and I..

Ein Sharapova, Miss Zaza and I..

After nom nom the cake, it's time to unwrap the presents..

present from Shirley..

present from Ein Sharapova..

contact lenses from me

Domokun T shirt from Eugene..

The roomate was supposed to join us for the celebration but she was busy with her micro teaching that time so she can't make it.

therefore we take away the cake for her as she chips in the money too...

It was just a simple celebration among us but I guess we had a blast especially me coz we were quite stress that time.. a short break made me more relief and I have more energy to move on..

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