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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forever 21st (Pt.3)

First, I am not going to reveal the person who brought me for this buffet dinner due to some issues.. but the person who brought me there, you know who you are.. So, if you are reading this entry, I would like to say thanks to you for bringing me there and thanks for being my boyfriend's partner in crime!!!Thanks for everything!!! lolol.. both of u very pandai huh...planned something behind my back, without me knowing about it.. what I can say is both of you are really good in acting, hahahahah...

went to Sarkish, E&O Hotel for Monday's International buffet...

Sitting there and eating makes me feel like I am a tourist, having holidays at Penang...lol

Both of us, ate alot that day... the diet plans before that are all gone in one night!!!

here go the noms.. *just partially of it*
The bestie's pasta...

My creamy pasta..

mussel soup.. 2 thumbs up!!!

Roasted duck meat, fried spring roll and "forgot-what-is-that"..

The bestie is super die hard fan of dessert..
all of these are hers!!!

Miss zaza was there too..
her first intention was to drop by to give me present but ended up sitting there and eat too..lol

I was too busy to behave myself.. I only know that I must eat as much as I can that time so this is the outcome> no image!!!

In the middle of eating suddenly the boyfriend came in with his colleagues and I thought that he wanted to show them his girlfriend, me.. but then one guy put a mini chocolate cake in front of me and a group of them surrounded us sang me birthday song.. There were many people that time and everyone kept looking at us and then clapped.. I was quite embarrassed but I was happy actually.. Again, the boyfriend surprised me for the second time... and the partner in crime is really good in acting too, seriously I can't trace anything before that..until they came in, I really stunned for awhile that time..
make a wish...

blow the candle..

asking him when did he plan this...lol

thanks for the surprise..

da cake..

me and the cake..

I was very full, so I shared the cake with miss zaza..sharing is caring!!! lolol

The "satisfied-to-the-max" expression while eating the cake..lol

After eating so much of food, it's time for us to leave..else, we'll be in the obesity waiting list!!!
the last photo taken before we left Sarkish..

The boyfriend finished working early that day, so we went for second round with Miss zaza..

at Secret Recipe, E Gate..

In the middle of gossip with miss zaza..

a photo with miss zaza before we gone back to college...

Here, I would like to say thanks to the sista who brought me for buffet.. Thanks for planning this for me and I really enjoyed it and I love it too.. I appreciate what you had done for me and you are the one who planned everything while everyone has forgotten about me and celebrating my birthday that time..like what you had seen that day, some even showed me cruel expression like they don't even bothered to celebrate with me that makes me even much more fed up!!! Just wanna tell you, you are my best sista forever and hope that our friendship will be everlasting!! xoxo

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