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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forever 21st (Pt.1)

Turned to 21st last month..I am happy!!!! Happy that I am 21st like finally?? wtf..

Lol, I am happy that the love ones celebrated my birthday with me.. *you know who you are, not gonna mention at here*.. However, something unpleasant happened during my birthday so the ending of my birthday was very sad and unhappy but everything has passed so let it be.. Life must go on and I must enjoy my 21st to the max!!!!

The family members celebrated my birthday 2 weeks in advanced with me. I went back to my hometown during the weekend and celebrate my birthday together with my father..

a simple lunch with mum's homecooked Lam Mee and homemade Nyonya kuih and Lo Bak.
The birthday cake..

me and my father...We are Leo babies...

I love them...

Then the father treated us dinner at Khuntai. It's my favourite!!
my all time favourite, sambal petai...
Yes, I like petai!!!

delicious? yes? no? judge on your own based on this photo...

After the dinner, we went for chocolate fondue at Haagen Dazs, Auto City..

my parents..
father's face= agony of waiting for delicious food..lolol

the sister and me...


all of us were busying eating, so no photos and no more further elaboration...

It's just a simple celebration yet it is warm and loving!!!! I heart them..

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