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Sunday, September 12, 2010

colour lenses

Most of the girls are in vain.. There is a proverb in chinese:"天下没有丑女人,只有懒女人". Meaning that there is no ugly girls in this world, there are only lazy girls.. Got it?? We need to put on effort in order to make ourselves look more beautiful... Yes, I strongly agree on this!!! I don't really believe in natural beauty.. That's bullshit!! Maybe there are some natural beauties but I think most of the beautiful girls are artificial one lor...Fine, if you believe in natural beauty. Then next time when you are going out, go out with pyjamas!!! No need to comb your hair and no need to spray perfume!!! NO NEED TO PUT ON MAKEUP TOO...

Ok, I am going too far. Back to the topic of today..
Nowadays, most of the girls want their eyes to look bigger.. Therefore, they wear contact lens which has the enlarge effects...plus the smokey eyes make up.. wao, perfect!!!! hehe, I am one of them..

This is the "before"...
see!!! the eyes look soooo small!!!!

this is the first time, I started to wear lens..
satisfied with the effects!! the eyes really look bigger..

once you have started, then you won't stop it!!! I try even more lenses with different colours and different brands...
like this the most!!!

first time trying the grey colour lens..it is comfortable but I don't really like it coz the colour is not so obvious..

even without makeup, the colour effect also very nice..hehehehe

I prefer brown colour lenses...

Are you interested too??
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