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Monday, September 6, 2010

Bonaquin Gold Mask..

Ding Dong...I am BACK like finally... I was very busy with my assignments and school based experience for the whole August..Seriously, the schedule for the whole month was packed! However, everything has passed and now I am back at SP.. currently rotting at home and drama marathon at home everyday...

I have a habit. Whenever I come back from Penang for holidays, for sure I'll do facial. Haha, I was too busy to apply any skin care at Penang... This time, my skin condition is in super terrible condition, many pop ups and super irritating blackheads are "mushrooming" throughout my nose! eww, I hate it!!!!

I can't stand with it anymore.I walked into my room last night, wanted to find something to apply on my face. Hoping that it would cure the "celaka" pop ups and blackheads! I took out the boxes that i put my skin cares and look for the products which suits me... My first intension was to find a pimple gel. However, when I open the box I realized that I still have many masks that I haven use.. So, I changed my mind.. I wanted to do mask.Greedy me, I asked my sis to buy too much of "my beauty diary" when she went to Taiwan last year.
This is the result of being too greedy!!! I have too many of it and I don't know which one to use..

Hmm, should I use this?but I am getting bored of it!!!

So, I opened another box.. Hoping that there is another new products which I can try on...
When I opened the box, this gold thing caught my attention.

so I took it out from the box and looked at it..
Oh, it's a mask named "Bonaquin Gold Mask"..
Then, I saw this printed on the mask.
what?? so many effects in such a piece of mask??
nonsense of what?
So, I decided to try on my own!
Someone said I looked like an Egyptian corpse but what to do... I want to be more beautiful and I want it to be in better condition!

You know what, it's cooling and very comfortable with very nice rose scent somemore! I actually dozed off and my sis woke me up to wash my face..

I woke up and washed my face.. I looked at the mirror and found that my face look fairer and brighter *perasan to the max*..lolol.. I found that I looked more "alive" cause before I apply the mask, my face looked like very dull...
You see, there are still lotsa essence left after I took out the mask...
Don't waste it, you can use it and apply on the neck and you hands..

Hahaa, I did an experiment to see whether it suits the people who has big face.
The answer is YES cause it is stretchable.

After that, I become mcuh more curious about the mask. So, I went to google about it...

and this is what I got from the Internet:

"It is actually a product from Korea.. It is a ground-breaking gel form mask. It is made from natural extracts and collagen which offers up to 10 minutes higher absorption rate than any other ordinary facial masks. It's ingredients naturally dissolve when it comes in contact with body temperature, enabling the skin to easier absorb its benefits while leaving your face hydrated, soft and glowing. Besides, it minimizes the pores, tones and restore the skin's elasticity and to unveil a youthful, luminous complexion."

Besides, I found some good feedback about this mask from a forum, I actually saved the feedback from that forum but too bad it's small and you can't see it... You can click HERE and see the feedback.

Girls, let's pamper yourselves by using this. I've tried it! are you interested?
tempted? wanna get some?don't know where to get?

Well, this product is not officially launch yet but you can get it from ZETAFERA. Currently , they have having promotion for this product, buy 2 free 1.. Besides, automatically you will receive 100 points from them if you purchase this promotional item. The promotion is from 1-30 September.

What are you waiting for? Faster go and grab this great stuff.. It's a steal!!!!

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