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Monday, June 7, 2010

The "treatment" for my stomach...

One fine Friday, the BF went to fetch me back from Penang as he wanted to drop by at E&O to get something from his ex-colleagues. After that, we went for a "treatment" for our stomach at Clinic Cafe.. I saw it in the Internet so we decided to check it out to see how this first and only clinic looked cafe looks like... It is not difficult to find this cafe, it is located near to Sunway Carnival..
the cafe....
*You would thought that it is a medical supply or lab at the first glance...*

When you first stepping in, you could see wheels chairs on your left hand side *if I am not mistaken*.. I think you can play with it if you want to have experience as a "pai kah" patient..lolol... * I don't mean to discriminate disabled people at here, no offense*

It can then change to the dining chairs..
special right, can have the "eating-at-hospital" feeling..lolol

I know some of the couples like to sit at the super small table then stick like UHU glu with each other and feeding each other... *I am not this kind of person* well, for couple like this, they provide couple seats too...

The table is just nice for 2 persons..really suitable for couple!!

The operation light is just on your head....
* let's have operation on the food...hahahaha*

The cutlery is being served in the stainless steel container..

The theme of the cafe is clinic, of course the waiters and waitresses dressed according to the theme too..
I am sure you would enjoy serving by the sexy nurses and handsome doctors..lolol
*got this photo from their facebook*
How about the food??
The food is not bad...
we ordered...

this.. (fried chicken rice set)
*with complimentary an iced lemon tea from opening time until 6.00p.m*
only RM 12.90 (if I am not mistaken) *affordable and reasonable*

this.. (black pepper prawn pasta)
also with complimentary an iced lemon tea
only cost us RM 11.90

and this...fried spring roll
*the ketchup is sooo cute*

The bf with his noms..
* Id on't know why he gives this kinda expression*
me and the noms..
Overall, the ambiance of this cafe is not bad as dining in clinic themed cafe is my first time. Therefore, I think it is a new experience for me... the taste of the food is not bad too, but I would prefer if they offer more choices of main course.. The clinic cafe is quite a nice place for you if you want to have meal with a bunch of friends too. Besides, the price is affordable and reasonable too..This cafe gives me not bad impression, I think it is worth for money and worth for a try too..

p/s: they have their page at Facebook, click HERE to know more about it...

p/p/s: some of the photos in this entry were taken from their Facebook..I can't take photos in detail as there were too many customers that day...

Here i would like to attach with the map of it in case you want to check out this cafe too...

Name: Clinic Cafe
Address : 7 Jalan Todak 3, Bandar Sunway, Seberang Jaya 13700 Perai, Penang
Business hour : Sun - Sat 10:30am - 11:00pm
Contact : 04-3991991 / 0164446118 / 016 419

That's all for today.. Thanks for reading
See you till I blog again..

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