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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maybe you wanna know about me...

Describe your personalities in 3 words.
  • forgetful
  • playful
  • talkative
Currently study or working??? if working, work as what??
  • of course, I am still studying!!!

What is the first thing you do after you woke up?
  • switch off the personal fan, take my bathing kit and go to toilet.. (at hostel)
  • lying on the bed ( at home)
KFC or McD? which one is your favourite?
  • of course McD..
  • McD is much healthier than KFC (no offense, personal opinion)
Eat, Sleep or Play?
  • I like all of the above..who doesn't like it?? i can't find any reason why I don't like it lo...

Does your hand phone important to you?
  • quite important
  • sms with bf, friends and siblings
  • call the parents and report my current condition to them
  • call the gang and gossip like there's no tomorrow
  • take photos (most important)
  • 3G
  • online
What type of guy/woman u like??
  • sharp nose
  • ABC type of guy
  • six packs
  • sporty/sunny boy
  • hairy
  • look smart and intelligent
* I know my taste is weird and sometimes the expectations are too high. I know it is hard and maybe impossible to get this kinda guy, it is just a dream*

If a terrible flood is going to happen on tomorrow and you are giving a chance to save the 3 persons; who would you save?
  • no idea, I will really think about it if it is real..
What would you bring along with you if you are going out?
  • wallet
  • hand phone
  • makeup pouch
  • handbag
Who is your dream guy/woman?
  • Vanness Wu (like his six packs n he's an ABC)
  • Ethan Ruan (sometimes I feel like my boyfriend looks like him)
  • Jaden Smith (he's cute!!!)
  • Angelina Jolie (she's pretty and sexy)
Who will you tag and what do you think about them?
  • I think you are free enough to answer these questions
  • I wanna know more about you!!
Why do you answer these questions?
  • I am bored and too free
Who do you want to tag?
  • Beibs Lee
  • Angeline Lew
  • Ridz
*All of u make sure u answer it when you see this!!!*

That's all from me... Another piece of crap yet I really squeeze my mind and think of what to answer!!!

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