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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bits of everything that I haven't told u..

Holla, I am back again..It's been quite a long time since I last blogging, so sorry for missing from here for quite a long time. I just don't have mood to blog since I came to Australia and I don't know why. However, the mojo is back now..lol..Well, I will just touch and go for the things that I have been through in these few months..* it's impossible to write it in details else it's going to be a long winded essay, lol..* ok, there are just few things I would like to share with you all in this entry..

1. my one night stand with Mr. Hard Rock
Had a one night stay at Hard Rock hotel, Penang with Eugene before my year end holidays started and that was my last day in Penang as well.. was feeling sad and happy at that time..I was feeling sad that I just realized that it was so hard to say good bye with some of the friends in IPG but I am feeling happy that finally I can have a 3 months holidays.. However, I was enjoying my moments in Hard Rock and I really had a great time with Eugene..

2. Welcoming my niece, Annabelle..
I believe if you are my friend in Facebook, you would know about it earlier.. I can still remember that how excited when I saw the first born Annabelle in the ward and how impatient my mother and I when we were waiting outside the maternity ward..She is the first baby in our family and everyone loves her.. well, she is just so adorable that you can't resist!! You just feel like you want to hug her and spend the whole day with her!! Even I am at Australia now, but I constantly whatsapp my brother asking about her and even skype with her! I miss her so much!!!
when she was less than one month

with 2 months old Annabelle during Chinese New Year :)

the latest photo of her, 7 months old Annabelle!!

3. Singapore Trip with loves
went for a short trip at Singapore with the sister, her brother and Eugene. When you are travelling with the right people, then you would always feel that the trip is awesome!! yes, I was travelling with the right people and we all had lotsa fun!!! and big thanks to Mr Yap for organizing everything, you made everything runs smoothly throughout the whole trip!!! The best part for this trip was shopping at Bugis with the sister!! heaps of cheap stuffs can be found in Bugis...and not to forget, Universal Studio!! (however, it is very small)
had the most not-worth-for-money and yucky meal at Clarke Quay

on the way to Marina Bay, the weather was so hot..

at the marina bay skypark..

with woody pecker at universal studio

I guess everyone takes photo with this whenever we go to Universal studio..

I won the best girlfriend award,lol..
Well, there are so many photos..so, I only share few here..I am lazy to post more..lolol..

4. Celebrating New Year with 2 crazy bitches
An unplanned New Year eve countdown turned out to be a good night for us!! Everyone ditched us at the last minute and there were just few of us heading to the club during the new year eve. However, unexpected that it turned out to be so good!! well, it's all about partying with the right people!!
alcohol always make me feel so good!!lol..
with my crazy bitches in Mois..yes...we are going to be teachers!! lolol...
my beautiful friend who attracted a tomboy on that night..
second round at E&O hotel with Eugene and his colleagues
by looking at my facial expression, you would know how gross is this capalang alcohol!!
it was new year eve and I was wearing St patrick's hat!! tell me about it, hahahaha...

p/s: I only realized that how much I miss my friends back at Penang when I reviewed the new year eve photos!!! arghhh, I wanna go back to Penang and have fun with you all :(

5. Coming to Sydney
taken at KLIA during the send off..

the very first visit to the city...

I know it's kinda late to talk about this...I've been here for one semester and now only I want to talk about Australia..well, better late than never right!! so yea, I continue my year 2 of uni at Macquarie University, Sydney... the study environment is quite different and what I like the most is they have i lectures!! which gives excuses to skip the lectures!!lolol..and not to forget about the accommodation...instead of girl hostel, I am staying in a five room apartment.. I have my own room and own BATHROOM which is awesome!!

Hmm, that's all for this entry..see u again on next entry, I promise I'll blog more often :)

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