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Monday, January 10, 2011

Empty promises..

I am seriously sick of the empty promises that I got from the people around me..I wish I could go get a life at somewhere that no one knows me!!!I wish I could drive as fast as I can at the highway,put the highest volume and shout like a crazy bitch in the car!!!! My life has been so pathetic lately.. I am fucked up!!Oh God, what I have done to get such shitty things around me lately? I just wonder what are those people's feeling when they are giving people empty promises??Don't they know that they are "killing" people with the false hopes? whatever it is!!!I have had it enough..Lies make me decide not to believe in what you say anymore. I choose to let you go now and I won't bother what you wanna do, what you wanna say anymore. It's your right and it's up to you!none of my business anymore..I am done with it :) so yea, thanks for telling me so many lies that you think I don't know.. I don't want to be a stupid who pretend that I believe in what you say anymore. I am done with it, so Goodbye :) Last but not least, just to remind u..building a relationship, is not about telling lie to cover up what you did in order to please the person. It's all about sincerity and honesty. With that, you'll win a real relationship.

p/s: Only I,myself know that who is the person here..so, don't come and chase me around asking whether I am talking about you in the blog!! If you still thinking that I am talking about you,then go and reflect yourselves..I have no comment

p/p/s: the relationship here doesn't mean the relationship my boyfriend and I ok? I have no problem with him...


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  2. Hi,thanks for the compliment..I'll visit ur blog..thanks for visiting..wish you have a nice day :)