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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eat,Play, Love (Pt 1)

Hi everyone, It's 2011!! Happy New Year and wish everyone has a great year ahead :) well, it's already 2011, but I am still talking about 2010.. shame on myself, what a lazy girl I am.. went for Melaka and KL trip after the exam with Miss Zaza and Shirley..As you can see from the title,this trip was all about eating, playing and enjoying with my lovely friends. It's been quite a long time since my last visit to Melaka. So I was thinking to visit Melaka and here we go like FINALLY!!!! Melaka has changed alot, and it is so beautiful.... Well, I am lazy to elaborate more..So, the photos will do their job :)
Zaza's babies in the bus..
ya, we went there by night bus!!! *out of no choice, coz no flight landing at Melaka*

Seriously, the bus driver drove so fast and it was so scary!! I can't even sleep tight throughout the whole journey.. Thank God..we reached there safely and it was still early so we went to rest at David's..

After a good sleep, we are energy enough to go walk around!! so here we go~~~
First stop: visited little Jamie, David's niece..
she is soooo cute, but her brother is sooo naughty!!!

Soon, it was lunch time...then we went to the town area to hunt for some delicious food!! and that's our main purpose of visiting Melaka :)

went to Makko, Nyonya restaurant for our lunch...

the food are not bad...
usually we have steam otak-otak..and this is the first time I tried fried otak-otak..
taste not bad, taste a lil bit like fish cake..

Always hear people say how delicious Ayam Pongteh is.. and finally I got the chance to taste it!!!
DELICIOUS!!! it's my favourite among all dishes..

asam pedas was nice too..but the portion was too big for 4 persons!!

"the locals"..hahaha
A big thanks to David for providing us accommodation and being our tour guide :)

Zaza and I in front of Makko...

Ho Chiak went there before :)

After noming, it's time for exercise>>go walking around...

went to Menara Taming Sari..and bought the tickets for Duck tours :)

I've tried this at Singapore before,don't wanna waste money..so, I just took photo with it :)

The Ducktour started at 5pm, so we went to walk around...

in front of Islamic Museum

I only see this at Melaka..
why the other states don't have??

people were having wedding photo shoot...
*i also want can??*

The weather at Melaka was very hot!!! even I was wearing singlet and short pants only, still I was sweating like hell!!! therefore, we looked to something cool to chill...
David recommended Chendol Jam Besar located opposite to the Studhuys...

chendol pulut :)

chendol special..

yumm yumm..

mak cik zaza

great environment+delicious cooling chendol=awesome!!!
*even 3rd eyes also wanna take photo..sweat =.=*

cam whore at no where..

seriously, I was not born to act cute, not suitable at all.. so not me!!!!

the locals were forced to be tourist for one day,hehehehe...

david, Shirley and I...

the church...

again... :)

like this the most!!

Dear penang, please learn from them ok??
see, they can beautify their baby like that and even play Lady Gaga's songs during their ride for customers ok..

It was almost 5pm, so we went back to the Menara Taming Sari to wait for our Duck tours..
beautiful sky..

the agony of waiting!!!!
*the stupid Quacker didn't come on time*

Finally stupid duck came..hehe

on the Duck tours

the duck started to move and the instructor gave us some briefing about the places we will be passing by..

Beautiful floating mosque...

proceed to A Famosa after the Duck tours..

must go through this in order to reach St. Paul's church...
Well, look like ok only...

first, I said "ok la, not so tiring..
After that, I said:"OMGGGG, it's sooo fucking tiring ok..."
but then it is worth because the scenery up there was very beautiful!!!
and we got the chance to see the beautiful sunset :)

love you girls :)

this is beautiful..I am not referring to myself ok..

made a wish...
*Thank you for granted my wish..I've got what I wished for!! Thanks for YOUR blessings*

we then headed back to Dataran Pahlawan for Nadeje thousand layered cheese cakes that Zaza and I had been craving for so long!!!

Finally, I have the chance to eat it..must eat kao kao.. :)
Strawberry cheese cake..hmm, not bad

gula melaka cheese cake..not bad too

chocolate banana..also delicious, why every slice is delicious one??

Well, this is the best!!! the most delicious>>the original one..

Hmm, my pink guava yogurt is delicious too... :)

OMG,I was so happy!!
now I believe that desert can make you feel happy :)
should join the Zaza's desert lover troop,hahahaha...

After the cheese cakes, we went to Jonker Street to walk around..Unfortunately, the shops were all closed on the day..too bad, why are we so unlucky :(

take away the chicken riceball, and David treated me.. thanks :)
and call me glutton Sabrina coz I am a big eater..hahaha

Without wasting time, went to Rivervine for our river cruise which was recommended by my mum...
on the river cruise...
seriously, it's a must to go!!! especially at night time, it is sooo beautiful...

I started to miss those day when we were sharing the beauty products and cosmetics together :)

compared with Singapore Flyer..Eye on Malaysia is just a small case :)

Seriously, Melaka is so beautiful..and I felt so peaceful and relaxed walking at the streets in Melaka..I love this city of heritage :)

it was a beautiful+fun experience hanging out with you all in this city of heritage <3

The end, thanks for reading..


  1. Why come my hometown nvr call me 1? :(

  2. Lol..you at Australia, how to call u..call u also no use la..hahaha