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Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 years??

Mamamiyah....This is BF's nickname, I am very happy and excited right now... I just finished packing my stuffs..I kept counting down these few days and FINALLY today is THURSDAY!!! I am happy not because today is Ladies Night k.. I am happy coz I will off to KL to celebrate my 4th year anniversary with BF!!! YES!! 4th year anniversary!!!!! it's not easy to walk until this stage!!! and I am kinda waiting for the romantic+ unforgettable +happy+sweet celebration.. *MAMAMIYAH!! If you see this, please pandai-pandai plan something for me!!! * lolol...

This is how we celebrated last year... I was quite happy although the bus part was quite terrible and I was lost when I reached KL.. I really like that kind of feeling, eat with the love one, sweet talk before sleeping, cuddling by the love one when I am sleeping, hold his hands when we are watching the movie and etc etc...It is quite rare for us to do so as both of us study at different place..

I hope that this year's celebration will be much much much BETTER than the last year's... I very excited about it!! Wait for darling, I'll be going to you tomorrow!!!!

p/s: you know what to do la, I already hinted you!!!! *romantic+unforgettable+happy+sweet celebration* lolol, joke only...